Drew Johnson Not Stories

A Personal Anthology

Tiny Camels/A Personal Anthology, March 2019

Reality is Not Conventional: An Interview with Deborah Eisenberg

Literary Hub, September 2018

Review of Alissa Nutting's Made for Love/Continuing the Conversation

The Cincinnati Review, 2018

The Generic Spectacular: An Interview with Jim Shepard

The Los Angeles Review of Books, January 2018

Driving a Truck North Through a Novella by Christina Stead

Tin House Open Bar, July 2016

Reading Henry Dumas After Trayvon Martin

Literary Hub, November 2015

The Ephemeral Real

Six Short Essays on Film
The Los Angeles Review of Books, August to October 2014

When Bad Reviewers Go Good

A review of Zona and Noriko Smiling
The Paris Review Daily, November 2012

Ten Tangents for Satantango

Talking Around a Novel and a Film
The Collagist, August 2012

Your Eyes Deceive You

Claire Beckett at the Wadsworth Atheneum
The Paris Review Daily, August 2012

An Interview with Lore Segal

Bookslut, December 2011

Thirty One John D. MacDonald Titles and Taglines

The Rumpus, December 2010

O.Henry's Afterlife

Thoughts and Ephemera, William Sydney Porter, died June 5, 1910
The Rumpus, June 2010

The Rumpus Interview with Brad Watson

The Rumpus, March 2010

The House of Hunger by Dambudzo Marechera

The Rumpus, November 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Lindisfarne

A review of Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned by Wells Tower
Agni Online, August 2009

An Interview with Lydia Davis

with Will Boast
Meridian, May 2008

Troubadour Books

maudnewton.com, November 2007

Last Evenings on Earth by Roberto BolaƱo

Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2007

On the Burning of the Compleat Angler on Bimini

North Dakota Quarterly, Winter & Spring 2006